WTVM Editorial 9/11/15: 1 GOP, 2 different GOP front-runners

WTVM Editorial 9/11/15: 1 GOP, 2

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Donald Trump's popularity among Republican voters reached 32 percent in the latest poll, 13 points higher than his nearest challenger, Dr. Ben Carson.

The two very different men are the top two to watch as the race for the Republican nomination picks up speed. Trump and Carson are both making progress as outsiders, not professional politicians.

They are striking a chord with voters who clearly enjoy the very candid, sometimes controversial statements both men are making at campaign stops across the country.

Dr. Carson is the "anti-Trump" - soft-spoken, patient, willing to share his vision of a conservative America guided by principles of self-reliance and Christian beliefs.

Donald Trump, who talks loudly and boldly about making America great again sells himself as a fearless deal maker, willing to criticize politicians just for being politicians.

Both men are refreshing possibilities on the national stage and both Dr. Carson and Trump have tapped into the Republican, but not exclusively Republican, appetite for something completely different.

Just these two Republicans - and there are plenty of others to choose from, as well as Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton over on the Democratic side - all are candidates who make this a much more entertaining campaign than we've seen in decades.

If the entertainment factor of a Trump, Clinton, Carson or Sanders gets people talking and listening, we think that's a great first step in engaging voters and pushing more of them to get involved in the election process.

When voters have choices, everybody wins.

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