Bernie Sanders holds Atlanta rally Friday

Bernie Sanders holds Atlanta rally Friday

ATLANTA (WTVM) - Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was in Atlanta for his first rally in the state of Georgia Friday.

People at the rally say they were excited to hear what the Democratic candidate had to say, believing he stands for all people.

After a huge welcome from a crowd of more than a thousand people, Sanders quickly explained what his Presidential campaign is about.

"It's bringing people together, middle class and working families and low income people. White, black, Native American," said Bernie Sanders.

Supporters say there are many reasons Sanders would be their perfect choice for 2016.

"His fight for social justice issues and his concern for war," said one supporter, "His for equality, which is something that I have been into forever," said another.

The democratic candidate started his campaign four months ago. His prides himself for relying on small donations to fund his campaign. Sanders wants to shift the wealth gap from the one percent, keep jobs in America, and begin tuition free college.

"Nothing can change unless millions of people demand that change and make it clear that this government belongs to all us of and not just a handful of billionaires," said Sanders.

The Senator of Vermont also addressed where he stands on women's rights and same-sex marriages.

"They say women in this country should not be able to control their own bodies, I disagree. They also say our gay brothers and sister should not get legally married, I strongly disagree," said the candidate.

Those who came to the rally, say they will fully support Sanders views and his campaign.

"I'm Behind him 100 percent. I stand for his views on everything. said a supporter from Atlanta.

New polls show Sanders has closed the gap, beating Hilary Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire. Now he want to make an impact on the southern states.  Supporters also believe he has nothing to worry about with the Republican candidates.

About 13-hundred  supporters were in attendance for the fundraising event.

The fundraiser was open to the media and cost guest paid $50 to attend the event at the Grand Atrium.

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