9/11 survivor provides free meals to first responders

9/11 survivor provides free meals to first responders

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - For the tenth year in a row, Auburn Philly Connection owner and 9/11 survivor Sunel Merchant is providing free lunch to local first responders.

Fourteen years ago, Merchant was on the 49th floor in one of the towers when the planes struck the World Trade Center.

He says he will never forget the images of first responders that day, especially the firemen he saw running up the stairs towards the danger trying to save people as he was walking down towards life and safety.

Merchant calls them his superheroes.

"Today in remembrance of the super heroes – the firefighters the police folks and the safety departments – for the tenth year in a row, we are hosting them at our place to have a free meal with us and on us," Merchant said. "As a small thank you for the wonderful work that they do day in and day out."

Merchant says by providing free meals to first responders, it allows him to turn this somber day into a day of thanks and honor.

He hopes everyone will thank a first responder for putting their lives on the line for people they don't even know.

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