PAWS Humane hosts first ever rabies clinic in Columbus

PAWS Humane hosts first ever rabies clinic in Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Hundreds of dogs in the Columbus area are now protected from the rabies virus.

PAWS Humane held their first free rabies vaccine clinic at the Shirley Winston Park on Saturday.

Organizers say some people brought as many as nine dogs to receive the vaccine. Several pets have never been to a vet until this free clinic. PAWS Humane was able to vaccinate 450 dogs at the event, and a total of 434 dogs were in attendance.

They say holding these types of events can help decrease stray dogs and other pet-related problems in the community.

"One of the big advantages of doing this event is we have recently launched a Pets for Life program,which works with owners to keep their pets healthy and we offer sometimes training. The big thing that we do is offer free and low cost spay and neuter," said Bobbie Yeo, Chief Executive Officer for PAWS Humane.

The rabies vaccine for pets is recommended once a year and some veterinarians offer a three year vaccine. PAWS Humane hopes to start doing the rabies clinic twice a year.

The Pets for Life program was developed through a collaboration between the Humane Society of the United States and PetSmart to help build humane communities.

PAWS Humane has recently adopted this innovative approach to meet people and pets where they are, and to help keep pets healthy and in the home. For those living in the 31907 area code south of Buena Vista Road, Paws Humane will offer a free dog spay and neuter clinic.

PAWS Humane also offers a low-cost wellness clinic that includes other types of vaccines, micro-chipping and flea and heart worm preventive at reduce costs.

Dr. Brendan Bergquist and Dr. Roberta Wrighten from PAWS Humane and Dr. Domonique Carter from Animal Emergency, were the veterinarians who gave rabies shots to more than 300 dogs.

TSYS sponsored the event and Merck Pharmaceuticals provided lunch to volunteers and workers at the event.

To reach PAWS Humane, call (706) 987-8380.

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