Muscogee Co. School Board trying to save money on buses

Muscogee Co. School Board trying to save money on buses

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The number of students riding the bus to and from school in Muscogee County has nearly doubled in the last three years, up to about 17,000 kids.

Muscogee County school board's work session on Monday night saw an at-times heated discussion about cutting transportation costs, including solutions like alternative fuels.

The Muscogee County school district has 300 buses, some of them 15 years old. Board members also say there's a need for more bays for housing and repairing the buses.

At the meeting, the MCSD head of operations presented options of propane auto-gas or compressed natural gas to save money and help the environment.

"What we want to do is purchase few compress natural gas buses few propane buses and some diesel buses so we can do own study and then make a recommendation next year to buy several of those buses," said David Goldberg, MCSD chief of operations and facilities.

The Muscogee County school board also discussed student discipline and suspension rates during the past two years.

They also appointed principals for Richards and Midland Middle Schools and Key Elementary.

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