Lee Co. murder trial hits unexpected delay Monday

Lee Co. murder trial hits unexpected delay Monday

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - A Lee County murder trial was unexpectedly delayed Monday morning for man accused of stabbing and beating his longtime friend at an Auburn apartment complex.

The defendant in the case, Gregory Gray, Jr. had what's being described as a "breakdown" just minutes before jury selection was scheduled to begin.

Prosecutors say the complication has delayed the trial for at least a few days, and possibly push it back to next term.
Investigators say Gray is responsible for the brutal death of his longtime friend, 24-year-old Richard Devore, just before Christmas in 2013.

Police say Gray, who was 22 at the time, got into an argument with Devore inside of his Garden District apartment.

According to court documents when police arrested Gray at his Montgomery home, he was injured and told police he got into a knife fight with the victim "He knew someone had to go as a result of the fight."

Gray allegedly told police after the fight he ran, ditched his bloody clothes and the knife in Tuskegee, the knife was recovered. Gray was named as a suspect because he was the last person to be seen with the victim. Police say gray and Devore were longtime friends.

According to court documents, when police located the suspect at his Montgomery home, he had an injury to his left index finger and there were fresh injuries to his left hand.

The documents indicate after waiving his Miranda rights, gray admitted into engaging in a knife fight  victim and told police he knew "someone had to go" as a result of the fight.

After the fight, gray stated he knew he had to flee the scene, and admitted to disposing of his clothes as well as the knife somewhere in Tuskegee.

Investigators say the knife, believed to have been used in the murder, has been recovered.

Police say a motive is still unclear.

At this point what the two were arguing about is unclear.
Gray is from a prominent East Alabama family, his father is Dean Gregory Gray, Sr. at Tuskegee University.

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