Heated Lumpkin City Council meeting warms up re-election track

lumpkin city council

LUMPKIN, GA (WTVM) - Accusations of racism, stealing money from the city, and lack of honesty for the upcoming election are just some of the items residents brought up during Monday's city council meeting in Lumpkin.

During public appearances, three residents addressed the council.

Lisa Fort talked about contracts and knowledge, stating she went through a stack of papers she brought that included receipts from the city's credit card.

She highlighted what she thought were unauthorized purchases by the mayor, the amount of money councilors are using as per diem when on business trips, and the upcoming election.

The mayor addressed all of her concerns, saying the claims weren't supported by fact.

Mona Hubbard was next on the agenda, and she discussed a lack of business development in Lumpkin.

"We have residents who want to make a living and make a difference and by opening business in the city but quite frankly the council has a reputation of killing dreams," Hubbard said.

Lastly, Willie Felton asked the council for a beer and wine license for his establishment in the city square, but was denied by the council in a 4-2 vote. This came after discussion of the building's back door not being up to state code due to its lock.

Mayor Charles Gibson said the council denied his license for no apparent reason, and this is just one of the reasons the city suffers to bring in new business.

"I feel I have a council now who is here to destroy, not make the city better," Gibson said.

The mayor said previously the council voted to keep churches away from the city square so they can have these types of businesses bring a social life to the city.

Things got heated toward the end of the meeting when Councilwoman Brown put in a motion to fire current city administrator Nia Williams, who is also acting as the city clerk.

Councilwoman Cullefer put in a second to the motion, but before the council could vote, they erupted in a heated discussion.

The council was interrupted by the mayor who said only he has hiring and firing power.

Other items discussed included the police investigating the slashing of the mayor's tires, and the city's landfill closing down due to new regulations from the state that the mayor says Lumpkin can't abide by at this time.

The council voted to contract out a business to pick up residents limbs and debris because of the landfill closing.

The mayor and three 3 council seats up for reelection on Nov. 3. James Babb and Gibson are qualified to run for mayor.

Current councilwoman Barbara Cullefer and Current councilwoman Kimberly Seldon are both running for the post 4 seat.

Amber Gibson and Mitzi house are qualified to run for the post 5 seat. Mona Hubbard and Darryl Wilson are qualified to run for the post 6 seat.

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