Columbus boy in coma after hit by company car

9-year-old hit on Forrest Rd.

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The mother of a Columbus boy is raising awareness after her son was hit by a car.

Taron Brewer, 9, was hit by a Terminex vehicle while walking to his bus stop Monday morning.

He was taken to Midtown Medical Center, where his mother says he is in a coma.

"His whole brain is bleeding internally and outside, a broken collar bone, he has a fractured pelvic bone," said Tara Brewer.

According to police the incident occurred at about 6:50 a.m. on Forrest Road in front of the boy's home.

"The cars on this road zoom by very fast. They don't respect nothing or nobody and it's not right," said Tara, who has spoken to school officials about her son's bus stop in the past.

"I went to the school and asked them about the bus stop. Some of the streets have caution lights, we have no caution lights," Tara said.

Columbus police say the case is still under investigation and that they can not make any arrests or issue any citations until the investigation is complete.

A Terminex spokesperson confirmed the driver involved in the accident is an employee and they issued the following statement on the company's behalf:

"We are aware of the accident, and our thoughts and prayers are with the child and family. We are cooperating with local authorities to learn the cause of this unfortunate accident."

We asked if the employee returned to work or if any disciplinary action was taken; however Terminex did not provide us with that information.

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