Raises Coming To Phenix City Workers

Public safety workers in Phenix City will be getting a raise soon, thanks to a decision made Tuesday night.

 Phenix City council unanimously approved a 36-point-6 million dollar general fund budget for fiscal year 2016. The budget includes a five percent increase in pay for police, firefighters and paramedics. Other raises for city workers will happen in 2017.

Earlier this month, council approved increases to fees for people in Phenix City. Three percent more for water and sewage rates, 8% more for garbage services and one-fourth of a percent increase in sales tax. "I would tell you this with the increase in trash and debris, still cost some more money but great thing is we are negotiated a rebate that we can possibly do back to citizens," says Phenix City Mayor, Eddie Lowe.

The new budget goes into effect October 1, 2015.

Also at Tuesday night's Phenix City council meeting, $2,000 was presented to five non-profit agencies, from money raised at the 2015 Mayor's Ball.

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