Stepdad: 'No one heard a screech' as truck hit stepson

Stepdad: 'No one heard a screech' as truck hit stepson

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus man recalls the accident involving his stepson and a work truck on Monday morning during a routine walk to his school bus stop. 

Darius Tucker says at 6:50 a.m. on Monday, he and his two stepsons made it halfway across the street but unfortunately 9-year-old Taron Brewer took one too many steps. 

"We were half way into the street. Had I have taken another step before he taken that step that would have been me," says Tucker. 

According to the police accident report, Brewer was running from his home to his bus stop. He was halfway in the street crossing - where there was no crosswalk - and was hit by a Ford F-150 Terminex truck. His body flew in the air nearly 65 feet away.

"He could have been doing 60, but I am going to say between 50 and 55, not one time did he stop and hit his breaks - no one heard a screech," Tucker said. 

According to the Columbus Police Department, the speed limit on Forrest Road is 30 mph, but police say speed is not a factor. No citations or arrests were made, and police say this case is still under investigation.

"He did not have any lights on... his lights did not come on until he pulled over to the side," Tucker said.

Tucker said it was still dark out and he thinks this may have been why the driver did not see them. 

Taron was taken to Midtown Medical Center where he is currently in a medically-induced coma. His mother says he expected to be brought out of the coma on Thursday.

A Terminex spokesperson issued a statement shortly after the accident sending their concern and prayers to the victim and his family. We asked them if the employee was disciplined or sent back to work however, they did not provide us with that information.

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