CSU concludes Safety Awareness Week with forum

CSU concludes Safety Awareness Week with forum

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - On Thursday, Columbus State Police wrapped up a three-day event focusing on campus safety and awareness.

CSU police hosted the All Lives Matter forum sponsored by the collegiate 100 men organization.

Lieutenant Jason Youngblood says it's important to be aware of personal safety.

"I think it's crucial," Lt. Youngblood said. "I think everybody ought to be invested in on personal safety no matter where you're at if you're on campus at school or if you just move around day to day doing your normal routine activities. We've got shopping season coming up for the holidays, a lot of people coming out and about and I think self-preservation is a great thing and we all need to be investing in our own personal safety."

The events at CSU took place in observance of National Safety Month.

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