WTVM Editorial 9/18/15: Safe driving

WTVM Editorial 9/18/15: Safe driving

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Taron Brewer, 9, was hit by a truck while running across the street to his usual bus stop.

His parents tell News Leader 9 the truck that hit Taron didn't have its lights on. Now that school is in session, all drivers need to be hyper alert to school children like Taron, both in and out of marked school zones.

In school zones, the posted speed is 20 miles an hour and needs to be strictly observed.

Taron's accident didn't happen in a school zone, but it did happen on a two lane road with a very narrow shoulder in front of his designated school bus stop.

The police investigation is still underway, but some broader lessons can be learned from what happened on Forrest Road.

Drivers on the road, early in the morning and at twilight, need to use their headlights every day. It's an easy thing to do. Unless you use an automatic light setting, you will have to remember to turn your lights on.

It ought to be the second thing you do, right after buckling your seat belt.

On streets with narrow or no shoulders, go slowly and expect the unexpected. In school zones, slow down to the posted speed.

So you might need to leave for work five minutes early. That's a small price to pay to keep school zone speeds slow and safe.

In every driving situation: school zones, in neighborhoods, during a rainstorm, drivers need to have a little more patience to avoid life altering

That's not too much to ask of any of us.

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