Cancer survivor speaks out for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Woman diagnosed with cancer speaks out for childhood cancer awareness month

(WTVM) - A woman in Richland, GA is speaking out for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Carrie Turner ,20, is a Leukemia survivor, and she was diagnosed at the age of 16.

Turner says she's been cancer free now for over a year.

"There would be days and I would wake up and I would feel super normal. I would feel really healthy but I would look in the mirror and I wouldn't have hair and it was a constant reminder that I was fighting for my life," said Turner.

Despite her hair falling out she continued to do cheer and play sports throughout high school as much as she could.

"The only time either her or I cried was when her hair began to fall out." Edwina Turner, Carries mother says her faith carried her through her daughter's battle with cancer.

National programs like Beads of courage helped them find the strength for such a challenging fight.

"Each little bead it signifies a different aspect of treatment," says Carrie.

With nearly three feet of beads Carrie says the black beads represent being poked to get blood drawn, white is for each dose of chemo, blue for clinic visits and yellow for every hospital stay.

"This one is called the purple heart and that is for completing treatment," Carrie says she's been cancer free for more than a year and is enrolled at Georgia Southwestern where she is studying to become a pediatric oncology nurse. She wants to give hope to patients diagnosed with cancer.

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