GA girl is a pint-sized baller, dreams of WNBA

GA girl is a pint-sized baller, dreams of WNBA

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A 6-year-old Columbus girl is making a name for herself in the basketball community.

Jaylah Todd is on her way to be a WNBA star. Trained by her father Jeffrey Todd, Jr., she goes through several basketball drills daily. Online videos of Jaylah practicing has reached several thousand views.

Her father says Jaylah plays so well she teaches other girls her age and older. The first-grader at Dorothy Heights Elementary loves to learn new things when it come to the game.

"Cause it looks fun," said Jaylah, when asked why she loves basketball.

Todd says he become a young parent to Jaylah when she was born in his senior year of high school. While she was still in a car seat, he would take her to the gym while he played basketball.

"At three years old, I saw her pick up a ball and start dribbling. I knew from there she was going to be something special. My friends knew, too," said Jeffrey Todd, Jr.

Jaylah, also known as JayBug, is constantly around the sport she loves. She attends every home game of the Lady Hawks at Hardaway High School in Columbus.

"Since Jaylah been able to walk, she's been coming here to watch the girls and she just picked up the love for the game. Now when the girls are trying to do their double drills, she gets right in there with them, and actually she does better than some of the girls we have on the court," said Hawks assistant basketball coach Shari Ellison.

Jaylah's grandfather is an assistant basketball coach for Hardaway High School and her aunt helped lead the Lady Hawks to the state semifinals in 2007.

Her basketball skills are also getting her attention from one famous talk show host. Jaylah completed an Skype interview with the Ellen Show on Friday.

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