Construction underway for new Bulloch House restaurant

Construction underway for new Bulloch House restaurant

WARM SPRINGS, GA (WTVM) - Construction is now underway for Warms Springs restaurant owners after the historic Bulloch House was destroyed in a June fire.

"It was a really bad lightening storm that night, that struck all around us," said Sandy Lampert, who owns the restaurant with her husband.

The fire left a more than a century old landmark reduced to rubble. Now, more than three months since the fire, Lampert says pies still sit in the refrigerator case surrounded by destruction.

"When the old house burned it was just devastating, just devastating, You just stood there and thought, 'this can't be happening,' " said Lampert.

However, now Lampert says she and her husband have their focus set on reopening at a new location just a few blocks down the road, something that could have effects on the whole community.

"It will bring new life to the downtown area, our downtown was beginning to really see the effects of not having a restaurant there on the main street," said Warms Springs Mayor Bob Prater.

"Since the restaurant burned the town has just been very dead," said Lampert.

With issues like a rotting floor, Warms Springs residents might need to be patient for the expected economic revival. Lampert explains the location hopes to open by November, and says a lot of her staff is depending on it.

"This was very very hard on them, this is not an area where they can find a job easily," said Lampert.

Construction began last week at the Victorian Tea Room, where if all goes according to plan, will soon welcome thousands of guests once more.

"Our hopes are sparked again," said Prater.

The cause of the fire was ruled as natural causes unknown, but lightning was the suspected culprit. Owners say they hope to keep the construction on track in order to open before the holiday season.

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