Center offers financial hope to Columbus residents

Center offers financial hope to Columbus residents

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - There is new hope in Columbus for people wanting to improve their credit scores, manage their money and finances better or even learn how to start their own business.

HOPE Inside opened up Monday at the CB&T branch on Benning Road in Columbus. Sponsored by Synovus, this center is one of dozens like it across the country with the goal of bringing economic empowerment and financial dignity to people in locations they already frequent like their bank or grocery store.

Don Thomas is the Financial Counselor for the HOPE Inside in Columbus.

"I do a monthly workshop. I basically educate the masses on the nuances of credit. What is credit? What is a credit score? How do you actually attain credit? What ways do you get a budget working to resolve credit issues," said Thomas.

Currently, HOPE operates 31 HOPE Inside locations. Since 1992, Operation HOPE has been moving America from Civil Rights to Silver Rights by providing financial and economic empowerment tools and services, earning it the distinction as the nonprofit private banker for the working poor.

HOPE says through its core programs, it has provided financial dignity and economic empowerment to over 2.5 million individuals worldwide, turning check cashing customers into banking customers, renters into homeowners, small business dreamers into small business owners and minimum wage workers into living wage consumers.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, visit the center located inside the CB&T on Benning Road.

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