Local Police Try To Bring About Change

Tensions between people and police officers across the country continue to make headlines with major movements like "Black Lives Matter” and "All Lives Matter" drawing support.

In the valley area, officials say they are doing their part to improve their relationship with the community starting with understanding personal biases among officers.

"That's so important for us in law enforcement, because we deal with people's lives. We are unique to any job out there because we can take your liberty, we take your property, and ultimately we can take your life," says Cpt. Curtis Lockette with the Muscogee County Marshal's Office.

In a program called Fair and Impartial Policing, officials with the Muscogee County Marshal's Office were taught how to overcome any engrained biases they may have in order to serve as fairly and biased free as possible.

Due to rising tensions, other measures like body cameras have sprung up across law enforcement agencies in the valley in recent months.
The measure is planned to help if bias of an officer comes into question.

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