Landowner speaks out after human remains are found on his property

Landowner speaks out after human remains are found on his property
LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - A Lee County landowner speaks out after human remains were found on his property.
Clinton Britton says his neighbor knocked on his door Sunday afternoon to tell him about the human skull and other remains they found just northeast of Lee Road 241.
“He said that he discovered a body back there by the creek. So we went back there and sure enough it was remains of a body,” Britton says, and he immediately called the police.
“It was old and had been there for a while,” says Britton.
For 25 years, Britton has owned 220 acres of land along Lee Road 241 in Salem, AL and says nothing like this has ever happened on his property.
He says his neighbor’s son was down by Uchee Creek taking senior pictures when the human remains were discovered along with deteriorated clothes nearby.
Lee County's Sheriff says this case is still under investigation. They’re trying to determine the cause of death, the gender of the person and how long their body was there before it was found.
“The person could have died from anything… I really don’t have a clue,” says Britton.
He says the only thing he can think of, maybe someone was hiking, fell and hit their head or maybe they were in the woods hunting.
“It’s hunting tracks on the other side of the creek and we hunt there. It’s pretty well hunted during the winter time and stuff but it’s pretty secluded during the summer,” says Britton.
The remains were turned over to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences in Montgomery for examination.
If you have any information on this case please notify the Lee County Sheriff’s Department at (334) 749-5651

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