Columbus woman visits D.C. to greet Pope

Columbus woman visits D.C. to greet Pope

WASHINGTON, DC (WTVM)- As Pope Francis officially arrived on U.S. soil on Tuesday for his first ever visit to America, a Columbus woman is in Washington, D.C. to see history being made.

The pope was greeted by President Obama and his family, and on Wednesday morning, he'll be greeted by 13,000 people on the White House lawn, including Candace Poole of Columbus.

In an interview with WTVM, Poole tells us she's the plus-one of her aunt, who was invited as a sister of mercy to see Pope Francis. We asked her about the mood in that area.

"You see security, but as in other events (in D.C.), you don't see the underlying tension. Everyone is just happy, they are absolutely thrilled to be here," Poole said.

Poole, a Catholic herself, just found out she has a ticket for Wednesday morning's welcoming ceremony at the White House. She hopes to at least get a picture.

"To be invited to the White House and this Pope... for a Catholic, it's like hitting the lottery without buying a ticket. He has been so welcoming and loving, doing so much to bring understanding and acceptance," Poole said.

ABC News and WTVM will have full coverage of Pope Francis during his historic visit to the U.S.

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