RiverCenter introduces new executive director

RiverCenter introduces new executive director

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A new leader has been added to the team at one of the top entertainment venues in Columbus.

The RiverCenter Board of Directors welcomed their new executive director Norman Easterbrook with a meet and greet Thursday night.

Easterbrook is a graduate of the Ithaca College School of Theatre and Florida State University, where he studied acting and dramatic theory.

The new head of the Board of Directors said he wants to create partnerships with community service groups, schools, art programs and nonprofit organizations.

"I think it's important for the center to always be perceived in the community as a partner with arts organizations, as a partner with business developments, as a partner with tourism," Easterbrook said. "We can be so much a part of the growth of the community and encouraging new people to move here, and encouraging folks to stay within our community as well."

That involvement, he said, is one of the important things about a performing arts center.

"You never really know the value of a performing arts center until it goes away," Easterbrook said. "So my plan is to really solidify the RiverCenter in this community on the foundations, the great foundations that it's already built on."

He said he hopes to expand the RiverCenter's role in the Columbus area by working closely with people who perform at the center, attend shows, and others in the community to see what will inspire them.

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