GA couple attacked by sons forgives for 'one bad moment'

GA couple attacked by sons forgives for 'one bad moment'
(Source: Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office)
(Source: Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office)

NEW YORK (WTVM) – The Georgia parents who were allegedly beaten and nearly killed by their two sons gave their first national interviews on ABC's Good Morning America on Monday.

Yvonne and Zachary Ervin, of Snellville, GA, says they were brutally attacked by their sons, Christopher, 22, and Cameron, 17, on Sept. 5.

"I'm doing a lot better, both mentally and physically" Yvonne said.

The parents say their two sons beat, stabbed, chocked and drugged them as they laid in their bed, even cutting the natural gas line of their home.

"We communicated to them that we love them unconditionally, we told them we forgive them," Zachary told GMA's Robin Roberts during Monday's interview.

In the chilling 911 tape from Sept. 5, caller Yvonne said "were trying to kill" her and her husband.

"They thought we were asleep," Yvonne says. "They tried to attack us. They beat me up. They beat him up. They're trying to kill us."

The parents have asked the public to forgive their sons as they have, expressing their "unconditional love" for them as they are still held in the Gwinnett County Jail.

"People don't know our sons, so it may be easy for them to say "I am not able to forgive," Yvonne said. "I just ask people to take it personally – what if it was your child, what if it was your son?"

Although the parents say there will be consequences for their actions, it will be "up to God" to decide that.

You can watch the entire GMA interview by clicking here.

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