Columbus council discussing public vote on 'Thaw the Freeze'

Columbus council discussing public vote on 'Thaw the Freeze'

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – More debate is expected as soon as Tuesday morning's Columbus city council meeting, about the Columbus mayor's proposed alternative to what's commonly known as a "property tax freeze."

"Tomorrow (Tuesday) is just an update on the Thaw the Freeze issue. Council may well have questions and discussion, but they will vote whether to request to put it on the ballot on October 13th. If they request that the Georgia Legislature put it on the ballot, it will be on the ballot in November 2016," Mayor Teresa Tomlinson said late Monday night.

Mayor Tomlinson says her "thaw the freeze" plan would not eliminate the property tax freeze, but would grandfather in anyone who is currently under that freeze, so they could remain under it as long as they own a home that is frozen in value.

Others are against that plan, including former state senator Seth Harp who claims it's "unconstitutional."

Patricia Lassiter, a local organizer for different issues for the Democratic party, hopes city council discusses it and lets the public eventually vote on thawing the freeze.

"Putting this issue on next year's general election ballot allows the people of Columbus to choose a positive fiscal future for our city," Lassiter said.

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