New Developments In A Columbus Murder Case

There are new developments regarding the case of a murdered Columbus woman.

After Renee Eldridge went missing on the Fourth of July police suspect her alleged killer tried to dispose of her body using ropes and a cement block.

During Stacey Gray's preliminary hearing Tuesday in Chambers County, investigators said her neck, feet and hands were tied together with a green nylon rope, that was connected to a cement block when they found her body in a creek in Valley, Alabama.

Police testified about blood found in Gray's home and the SUV that's still being tested by forensics.

The victim's aunt, Lisa Bryant told Fox 54, "It's very difficult to relive the stories that we heard."

Police testified Gray was a family friend, who had a sexual relationship with Eldridge's mother and had a key to their Columbus home. Investigators say Gray, Eldridge, her mother and friends were drinking at a Columbus bar until the early morning hours of July 4th. Police say cell phone records show Gray was near Eldridge's home, when they say he kidnapped her, raped her, and then beat her to death.

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