Officials explain number of home invasions in Columbus

Officials explain number of home invasions in Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Reports of home invasions in Columbus are on the rise on the books, but police in the city say that doesn't mean the crime is happening more often.

Columbus Police Investigators say home invasions have been an on-going issue, but were classified differently in recent years, making the numbers on the books a little complicated.

"Home invasions are when someone forces their way into your home, comes into your home while the home is occupied," said Major Gil Slouchick, with the Columbus Police Department. 

It's an issue some people in the Valley know all too well.
Since the start of the year, Columbus officers have responded to 15 crimes classified as home invasions, with one reported just this week off 4th Avenue, and another attack last week at a Green Island Hills home.

However, due to recent changes in Georgia law, officials say those numbers could be higher.

"The home invasion law just came into effect several years ago, we didn't always have those on the books," said Slouchick.

Slouchick explains the Columbus Police Department started using the home invasion charge in July 2014, and tallied nine incidents from then until December of last year. He also s
ays he plans to continue clarifying with officers the nature of home invasions to get more accurate numbers in the future,

"An officer can choose to go with a burglary, and armed robbery, now we are trying to get more consistent to make all those that fall into that classification a home invasion."

Officials say the crime happens in all parts of town, not isolated in any particular area. They remind everyone to look before opening their doors and keep them locked if someone knocking is a stranger.

Reports also show that a majority of these attacks in Columbus happen between strangers, but officials say home invasions from people you know are also not uncommon.

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