Congressman Bishop: Bill averting government shutdown is no victory

Congressman Bishop: Bill averting government shutdown is no victory

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WTVM) - The federal government will stay open for business.

The U.S. House of Representative passed the Continuing Resolution late Wednesday afternoon that funds federal agencies through December 11. The vote was 277 to 151 - with House Democrats providing most of the votes.

Georgia Congressman Sanford Bishop, Jr. supported the legislation.

"It is vitally important that Congress averts a government shutdown so crucial services provided by the government continue to be available to seniors, families, small business, veterans, and our communities in Georgia," said Bishop.

While the 2nd District Congressman said he was pleased that the government funding bill will ensure continued operations, he said it is not a victory to celebrate.

"Our government cannot afford to continue investing in its priorities through short term, haphazard funding measures, and so, I look forward to passing all twelve appropriations bills for complete government funding before the end of the year," Bishop said.

The measure was approved with little time to spare. Federal agencies would have run out of money at midnight. Conservatives had tried to use the budget to strip funding for Planned Parenthood, but funding for the group remains intact after the passage of the bill.

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