Future of Columbus Club Up In The Air

One the heels of two shootings in four days at a Columbus club, a group is coming together to pray for peace and for the club to be shut down.

Alongside police, city officials are also investigating, after a man was shot at the Luxx Gentlemen's Club on Victory Drive early Wednesday just after midnight.

Four people have been shot there this month, prompting local church leader Baron Klaif to organize a prayer rally at Club Luxx Wednesday night.

Klaif said some of the victims live near him in South Columbus, and they want God to change their neighborhoods. "I'm praying and begging God that they will change the hearts of people here. I'm praying that this club will close down for the glory of God", says Klaif.

Klaif, of Berean Covenant Church in Midland, says the solution to the violence is Jesus Christ.
As for the investigation and the future of Club Luxx, Columbus' Mayor released a statement saying quote "The Police Department is pulling together the information we need to review in order to determine whether this business should be closed or if its liquor license should be revoked."

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