City starts investigation to consider Columbus club a 'criminal haven'

City starts investigation on Columbus club is a 'criminal haven'
COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A man in his late 20's was shot Wednesday morning in the parking lot of the Luxx gentlemen’s club, making it the third shooting at the venue in the last month.
“We are currently working with the Mayor and the Chief of Police to see if this is a location that can be deemed a nuisance,” says Lem Miller, Columbus Assistant Chief of Police.
The investigation can be a lengthy process, according to Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson.
“There are two ways that a club like Club Luxx can be forced to shut down. First, if they have a liquor license violation. So of course we will be looking at that. Secondly, they can also lose the right to do business if they are constituted as a criminal haven under Georgia law,” says Tomlinson.
In order for a business to be considered a criminal haven, there has to be a strong history of violent crimes, drug crimes and or prostitution.
Tomlinson says as a part of the investigation the CPD has started to pull the police reports for all incidents at Club Luxx from the last two years.
Any decision made on Club Luxx would need to be voted on by city council, and if Club Luxx is considered a criminal haven the City attorney would have to prove it in state court.
“We don’t know if Club Luxx qualifies as such. But given the activities that have occurred here recently and some in the past we will be looking to see if they meet that standard,” says Tomlinson
Although there have been no deaths, in just the last three weeks a total of four men have been shot at Club Luxx.
A Columbus man was shot in both of his thighs on Sept. 7, two brothers were shot on Sept. 26, and another man was shot three times in his leg on Sept. 30.
No arrests have been made in the September shootings, they remain under police investigation.

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