NAACP calls for resignation of 4 Lumpkin City Council members

NAACP calls for resignation of 4 Lumpkin City Council members

STEWART COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - There are new developments in a controversy out of Lumpkin, just south of Columbus, where there are calls for some leaders to resign.

It involves a business owner's fight to get the proper permits he needs to keep his doors open, despite some roadblocks. Now the NAACP has stepped in to help.

Willie Felton of Brother's Grill Restaurant in Lumpkin is currently open for business, but was unable to sell alcohol because he says a city council vote has been delayed for months.

On Tuesday, October 13 the council finally voted to approve his liquor license.

The President of the Stewart County NAACP and supporters gathered for a press conference Thursday in front of Felton's restaurant calling for action.

"I have never seen a situation where four council members happened to not show up at any meeting at all that we have had. There has never been a case. Which makes it looks suspicious and of conspiracy," said councilwoman Kimberly Seldon.

"This kind of behavior from our council members must stop and it must stop now," said Alfonzo Seldon, President of the Stewart County NAACP.

Kimberly and the Stewart County NAACP say they want several city council members gone for delaying the process of Willie Felton receiving a beer and wine permit.

"He's going to lawyers and other means to rectify the situation. He's very disappointed and he feels that he is being discriminated against," said Kimberly.

During a city council meeting on September 14, Felton was denied his alcohol license by the council. After the meeting, Lumpkin's mayor said the council gave no specific reason.

"And we want to expose the fact that Mr. Felton is operating up under the rules and regulations required of him," said Kimberly.

To address the issue, the mayor called a special meeting a week later on September 22 to vote on the permit. Four of the six Lumpkin council members did not attend.

"This is his livelihood, this is his way of putting food on the table for his family. I think it was important for them to come," said Seldon.

Now the NAACP is asking those four to resign.

"Providing a people a disservice and I just don't think it's right for them to continue to sit in the seat holding the city back because of their personal agendas and personal vendetta's," said Seldon.

Willie Felton was out of town and was not able to attend the meeting Thursday.

We contacted Lumpkin mayor pro-tem and councilwoman Barbara Cullefer the same day.

When asked about the allegations made against her and the other council members, she said the issue of the license will be addressed at the next council meeting.

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