VIDEO: Woman whines for bear to stop eating kayak

VIDEO: Woman whines for bear to stop eating kayak

KETCHIKAN, AK (WTVM) - A woman on a solo kayaking trip did not make any friends with the native wildlife when she caught a bear gnawing on her kayak - and she caught it on video.

In a YouTube video posted on Thursday, Mary Maley said she was between stops on her adventure when she saw a bear near her kayak. What ensues is more than two minutes of Maley allegedly shrieking at the animal, she identifies as Bear, to leave her property alone.

Maley pepper sprays the bear as he slowly stalks up the path to her cabin. He doubles back and she continues yelling and pleading with him to leave her precious kayak alone.

Also noticeable - no cursing. Wouldn't you curse if a bear was eating your property? It's unclear whether or not the video is dubbed for its G-rated language.

"Please stop, bear! It's not even food!" Maley yells. "It's the end of September, why are you here? You're supposed to be asleep!"

The bear, which could be a North American Black Bear, are normally hibernating this time of year.

The video has more than 1.6 million views. It does not appear that the bear attacked her or acted aggressively toward Maley.

According to KIRO-TV in Seattle, Maley pulled her kayak into the cabin after the bear left the area. After that, she swam out to an anchored sailing boat to ask for help because she was afraid of being stranded.

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