WTVM Editorial 10/2/15: The Luxxx Gentlemen's Club shootings

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's happened before and now it's happened again: multiple shootings in less than a week at a Columbus area nightclub.

The Luxxx Club on Victory Drive left a man wounded who later showed up at the hospital seeking care.

Columbus Police say the latest shooting happened in the parking lot. At least 20 shell casings were recovered and appear to be from two separate weapons.

After the shootings Baron Klaif, a church leader at Berean Covenant Church in Midland, organized a prayer rally at Club Luxxx.

He said some of the victims live near him in South Columbus, and they are turning to God to change their neighborhood.

They gathered with police to pray and make a forceful statement against violence.

Now Mayor Tomlinson and the police are investigating whether Club Luxxx needs to be shuttered and/or lose its liquor license.

At the very least, these kind of businesses owe the community a level of security that will effectively deter shootings. If they can't deliver that security, then the business deserves to be shut down.

We trust the Mayor and the city will do the right thing, because this type of violence is pointless and deadly and has no place in our community.

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