Fort Benning Soldiers Deploy To Afghanistan

Some Fort Benning troops with a medical unit are shipping out to Afghanistan.

A deployment ceremony for the 926th Preventive Medicine Detachment - 14th Combat Support Hospital unit was held Friday morning.

This is the same team that deployed to West Africa to assist in the Ebola mission.

The unit is providing medical support for all assigned Department of Defense, U-S military and U-S contracted personnel in Afghanistan in support of Operation Freedom Sentinel. The unit will work with another unit to ensure the highest level of care is being given to those deployed.  "On the tactical side looking at weapons qualifications, rollover training for anything that happens when they're in a vehicle just getting use to that. We've also had, you know, things with sea burn which is the chemical, biologic, radiologic training and we go into the gas chambers and use our equipment and now they're ready for that," says Commander, Major Chris Hinnerichs. 

The troops could be deployed for anywhere between nine and twelve months.

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