VIDEO: Walmart shoplifter caught on camera

VIDEO: Walmart shoplifter caught on camera

ARLINGTON, TX (CNN) - Employees of an Arlington Walmart didn't just observe a case of alleged shoplifting, they recorded video of it with their personal phones, and made questionable comments as it was happening.

When the woman they were watching starts walking out of the store with suspected stolen items, employees confronted her and grabbed her bag.

The taunting continued and once they were outside the store, an unidentified woman walks up and starts fighting with the suspected shoplifter.

The employee kept the camera rolling and eventually stops the recording.

The video was later posted on the Walmart employee's Facebook page, so it didn't take long for the retailer to respond.

Walmart responded saying,"This type of behavior by a Walmart associate is completely unacceptable. We are conducting an internal investigation into this matter at this time and will take action as appropriate."

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