Eufaula PD warns women against fake officers in area

Eufaula PD warns women against fake officers in area

EUFAULA, AL (WTVM) – The Eufaula Police Department has taken to their social media pages to warn citizens of people impersonating officers and making unauthorized traffic stops - and they are telling women, especially, to be very cautious.

In a post to their Facebook page on Monday, EPD says they've have two reports of a person impersonating an officer and making illegal stops in surrounding counties.

"During the 'traffic stop' the victim was assaulted," the post says. "If an unmarked vehicle turns on blue lights behind you and you are suspicious, call 911 and calmly report to them that a vehicle is pulling you over. 911 will verify if authentic law enforcement. Slow down and drive to a populated area where there are lights and not in a dark area."

The alert comes after a women in Southern Henry County, reported to police Friday night, a White GMC truck with flashing lights pulled her over and the suspect hit her in the eye.

"He put on his lights and he pulled her over and she says she was assaulted by that person," Eufaula Police Sgt. Brown said.

A second fake stop was reported over the weekend in Slocomb, AL, when a black Dodge Charger pulled over another woman - also at night.

Investigators say both women are fine, but shaken up.

"If you get pulled over, especially at night at it is an unmarked vehicle, put on your emergency flashers and slow down an call 911, if you can to confirm it is a certified police officer stopping you," Sgt. Brown said.

If you don't have a cell phone, drive to a populated, well lit area before stopping.

Sergeant Brown says officers with the Eufaula police department are aware of the situation, and will be patient during traffic stops.

Best thing to do: slow down...turn on your emergency lights and call 911 to make sure their person pulling you over is legit.

There is no word on if a person has been caught or if there are any suspects in this alleged crime.

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