Eufaula citizen reports fake officer pulls him over

Eufaula citizen reports fake officer pulls him over

EUFAULA, AL (WTVM) – Another citizen in Eufaula has reported an alleged officer impersonation inside the city limits on Tuesday around 7 a.m.

The victim says he was driving northbound on Highway 431 near Lakepoint State Park when a solid white Chevrolet Impala with extremely dark tinted windows and a spotlight protruding from the driver's side stopped him.

The impala reportedly had blue lights on the interior of the vehicle and it sat on the roadside behind the citizen and no one exited the car.

After several minutes, the Impala left from behind the citizen and made a U-turn and left going south on 431. The impala is believed to have an Alabama tag starting with "6A."

Two separate reports were made on Monday about someone impersonating a police officer trying to pull people over.

If you find yourself being stopped by an unmarked vehicle or a vehicle that is not easily to identify as a police car, please call 911 to verify if it is a legitimate law enforcement officer conducting the traffic stop.

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