Former Auburn Player Appears In Court

Former Auburn University football star Kowaski Kitchens appeared in court Tuesday.

Lee County prosecutors say justice will finally be carried out against Kowaski Kitchens who was supposed to be serving time for armed robbery, but instead lived as a free man while he trained for the NFL.

Today, Kowaski Kitchens was sentenced for a second time to 15 years split, with three to serve.

Lee County District Attorney, Robbie Treese told Fox 54 "Apparently there is no way to sentence folks to serve jail time intermittently in another jurisdiction."   

As for the three other former A-U football players sentenced for the same robbery, Dakota Mosley and Michael McNeal pled "guilty" and received a 15 year split sentence, also ordered to serve three years.
Antonio Goodwin was found guilty at trial and sentenced to 15 years.

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