Fight to reopen Alabama Drivers License Offices Continues

A national political leader joins the fight to reopen closed drivers license offices in Alabama.

Reverend Jesse Jackson traveled to Alabama to support state Congresswoman Terrie Sewell and others who believe closing drivers license offices makes it more difficult for people to get required voter ID's.

Jackson met with Alabama Governor, Robert Bentley and the Secretary of State who deny the accusations.

Governor Bentley says the closures are business decisions based off budget cuts.

Jackson told Fox 54 "This issue is not ultimately about black and white, it's about what's wrong and right."

Representative John Knight a Democrat from Montgomery says," how are you closing drivers license office as a business decision when the latest numbers I asked for you're not laying anybody off, most of the local offices are supplied by the local entities so they are not costing the state anything "
The Governor's office releases a statement saying he and the Legislative Black Caucus agreed to work together to find solutions to further fund driver license offices in Alabama's rural counties.

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