WTVM Editorial 10/9/15: The Good Work of Damascus Way

WTVM Editorial 10/9/15: The Good Work of Damascus Way

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - I recently had the privilege and honor of a guided tour of Damascus Way, the 56-bed facility in Columbus for women and children in need, some because of homelessness, others because of addiction or spousal abuse.

The talented women who lead the programs at Damascus Way educated me about the pressing need for these services in our community.

Economic pressures and sometimes poor life choices or unavoidable circumstances create the need.

A capital campaign to expand their services and facilities is underway and you'll be hearing much more about how you can support Damascus Way in the near future.

For now, I want to use the next minute or so to tell you that the women touched by Damascus Way, which is part of the larger Valley Rescue Mission organization, are very lucky to have this valuable community resource as a backstop to the often cruel circumstances they face, largely through no fault of their own.

Damascus Way helps the women they serve get their GED, or beat drug or alcohol addiction through counseling, faith and mutual support.

They make a place for their children, helping keep families together and safe, and help them rebuild self-esteem. The goal is to give them a way to get back on their feet.

There are other groups with a similar mission throughout western Georgia and East Alabama and all deserve our support.

But seeing Damascus Way for myself was a moving and valuable experience and one I felt was worth sharing with you in hopes of bringing more attention to their very necessary and worthwhile mission.

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