Send to school or keep sick child home? Health experts weigh in

Send to school or keep sick child home? Health experts weigh in

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - As temperatures start to cool off, the cold and flu season heats up.

While experts advise getting a flu shot, children here in the valley and across the country are expected to still end up sick.

"We've already seen mostly type B influenza and we've also seen some type A," said Dr. Frederick Kam, AU Medical Director.

The days of stuffy noses and achy bodies are upon as, as doctors in our area are already seeing cases of the flu and other seasonal viruses going around.

Despite preventative measures like washing hands and getting a shot, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate an average of 20,000 children under five will be hospitalized from flu strands this year.

If your child catches a bug this fall, health experts say you should consider keeping them home to prevent the sickness from spreading.

"Sometimes these spread even a day before we start having symptoms and certainly up to a week you can still spread that virus," said Cathy Henderson, registered nurse with the West Central Health District of Georgia.

If you're on the fence about sending your kid to school, nurses recommend looking for these symptoms:

A fever of 100 or above

Sore throat



Other respiratory distress

Different behavior 

"That's what I always tell parents, if they child is just lying around, the child's not eating, then you pretty much know something is going on," said Henderson.

They say giving your child the proper time to rest up and recuperate could help them get well sooner.

"As adults we all come to work sometimes when we're sick, but we probably know that we're not up to 100 percent of what we are when we're not sick," said Henderson.

The rule of thumb for sending them back is fever free for 24 hours. If your child goes a day without burning up again nurses say they are probably okay to head back to class.

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