Locals Head To Washington D.C.

Local residents are on their way to Washington D.C. to join with thousands of others in a call for justice.
The "Millions More" local movement is chartering a bus from Columbus to Washington D.C. for Saturday's gathering to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the historic "Million Man March."

The original march in 1995 focused on civil rights for African-Americans but this year's march is also focused on Native Americans, Latinos, women, soldiers and a range of racial and ethnic groups.
"This is 20 years later to show that 10-10-15 justice or else is a profound anniversary to promote peace and unity. A gathering which the brown the black bikers everyone is coming together to show we want unity for all," says Nation of Islam member, Darius Gardner.

Organizers say the theme for this year's march is"Justice Or Else." 

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