NAACP steps in to attempt to fix ballot issues in Stewart County


STEWART COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - Political battles about 40 miles south of Columbus are stirring up controversy again, as Stewart County residents vote on a number of City Council seats in Lumpkin, GA.

Reverend Alfonza Seldon, NAACP president for Stewart County, said the ballot on the first day of early voting for council seats is wrong.

"They continue to run an election knowing that the ballot is wrong and did nothing to correct it," said council member Kimberly Seldon.

Seldon holds the seat for post six but applied to run for post four against incumbent Barbara Cullifer, but the ballot has her listed under her current post six.

Rev. Seldon said  the current election needs to be stopped immediately.

"I guess they think the people of Lumpkin are ignorant and that we're not going to notice it or do anything about it," Seldon said.

He added when he went to the elections office and told them about the mistake, "we received the answer that there was nothing they could do at this point except for the candidate on the wrong election to contest the election."

Mayor Charles Gibson said he also received a written complaint from candidate Mona Hubbard who was only prepared to run for post six against one other person and not two.

The mayor says they asked the county to handle the election process this year, after past problems with elections just two years ago.

The NAACP president says he has called the secretary of state and is waiting on a call back.

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