WTVM Editorial 10/16/15: October is National Bully Awareness Month

WTVM Editorial 10/16/15: October is National Bully Awareness Month

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – October is National Bullying Prevention Month and many area schools are coming up with ways to make sure students feel safe and secure every day.

Some national statistics say one in four kids will face bullies at school.

It's more than a push on the playground. It's cruelty in many forms: verbal and physical and, more and more these days, high tech-bullying through nasty text messages or online posts.

Callaway Middle School in Troup County is taking a stand.

Counselors and students worked together to create an anti-bullying campaign called Stepping Up and Stepping In, because experts say bullying stops within 10 seconds about 57 per cent of the time after a bystander intervenes.

Students at Callaway Middle School can take a pledge not to bully or allow any inappropriate behavior to happen when they see it.

Of course, awareness by students of the different forms of bullying is the first step:

"Cyber-bullying, verbal bullying, aggressive bullying," seventh grader Ahnesti Fuller said.

We think these students are showing great leadership on an important issue. When a child is fearful of going to school, learning is disrupted in the worst possible way.

No child should face that kind of daily fear.

So join Callaway students at your school and "Step up and Step in" against any bully you see.

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