WTVM Editorial 10/16/15: Frivolous lawsuits

WTVM Editorial 10/16/15: Frivolous lawsuits

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Did you hear the amazing story of the Connecticut woman who sued her young nephew?

Her name is Jennifer Connell and she broke her wrist after her 8-year-old nephew jumped into her arms to give her a hug!

Connell, who has a good job in New York City as a human resources manager, sued her nephew for $127,000 in medical expenses she had to pay for surgeries on her wrist.

She lost her case, and possibly her dignity, after intense negative reaction swept the internet, criticizing her unusual lawsuit. Connell's lawyers tried to defend her by saying she could only sue an "individual" to make her nephew's parent's homeowners insurance pay.

She lost her suit. Originally, the homeowner's insurance company only offered her a dollar.

That's about what this case is worth!

The lessons learned from this kind of frivolous lawsuit are many, especially in the age of social media where one can be - and will be - instantly judged.

Of course, her suit was flawed from the start. One of her complaints was that her injuries adversely impacted her social life and, this is not a joke, made it "difficult for her to hold an hors d'oeuvre plate at a party!

Among the questions this case raises is: why wouldn't she use her medical benefits at work to cover her injuries? And why drag her young nephew into court? These days it seems some people are selfish and all too eager to blame anyone else for their situation.

Yes, she broke her wrist. But whatever happened to the quaint idea of taking personal responsibility? This was a minor accident that was no one's fault. It should never have risen to the level of a lawsuit.
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