Third female Ranger School grad speaks on her motivation

Third female Ranger School grad speaks on her motivation

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) - For 180 days, Major Lisa Jaster failed and repeated the three phases of Ranger school a number of times before ultimately passing.

"There's no quitting, I can't have quit in me," Jaster said as she described her journey to Friday's Ranger school graduation.

Jaster marks the last of the original 19 females to attempt the course back in April.

Army leaders say they demanded the same skills and standards of her as the other 87 male Ranger students who earned their tabs on Friday.

"Well if there was special treatment, it sure took me a long time to get through this class," jokes Jaster.

Fair standards were once again a big talker as military leaders stood by their word that Jaster and the other women completed the course fair and square.

Jaster's fellow soldiers say her gender meant nothing in the field.

"You crack open that MRE and Jaster's fudge brownie is going to taste just the same as Mason's and I am going to try and trade them for that," said Second Lieutenant Joshua Richards.

The first two women to ever complete the course, Captain Kristen Griest, and First Lieutenant Shaye Haver, were also at this Ranger School graduation, cheering on the fellow West Point graduate who they spent a lot of time with in training.

"I remember Kris coming over, happy, expecting me to say I was also moving on, she gave me the biggest hug and I looked at her literally with tears in my eyes saying I'm done, I can't do this...but I keep a picture in my pocket where my daughter and son are wearing super hero t-shirts and I'd written across the front of the picture I need to be their hero and all I had to do was look at that picture and remember that I didn't come to Ranger school just because I wanted to get a piece of cloth on my shoulder," said Jaster.

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