VIDEO: TX driver says 'I don't care' following accident with motorcyclist; driver charged

VIDEO: TX driver says 'I don't care' following accident with motorcyclist; driver charged

GRANBURY, TX (WTVM) – A motorcyclist traveling the roads in Texas caught a traffic accident on camera that injured another couple aboard a motorcycle.

The video, filmed on Oct. 17, shows Eric Sanders and his girlfriend, traveling on his motorcycle with another anonymous motorcyclist behind them. The video has been viewed more than 3.7 million times.

As Sanders attempts to make a pass of two cars on the roadway, a car swerves into the left lane, and Sanders is hit, spinning the couple off the road and into a ditch. The accident happens around the 1:40 mark of the video.

WARNING: Some viewers might find the language and the accident in the video graphic and disturbing.

Both Sanders and his girlfriend survived the accident, but have bad road rash and other injuries that required surgery for her, according to later Facebook posts from Sanders.

The remorseless driver of the car, who admittedly said "I don't care" following the accident after he stopped, later said in the video that he was "stung by a wasp," and that caused him to swerve.

Sanders wasn't completely in the right - he was attempting to pass traffic in a zone with double-yellow lanes. In Texas, crossing double-yellow lanes is prohibited.

Sanders said neither drivers were ticketed for the accident and that the car driver wasn't arrested but that law enforcement has seen the video and the driver's "gonna be prosecuted."

On Monday, the driver, identified as 69-year-old William Crum was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. In a later interview, Crum said he was bitten by a spider, not a wasp. He then apologized to Sanders's girlfriend, not Sanders, for the incident.

We've reached out to Sanders for comment. Granbury, TX is 69 miles southwest of Dallas, TX.

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