SLIDESHOW: 10 worst and best dressed cities in GA

SLIDESHOW: 10 worst and best dressed cities in GA

(WTVM) – When it comes to style and flair, you know Georgians have it covered.

In some areas, however, you kind of want to call the '70s and get them to take grandpa's leisure suit away.

The website RoadSnacks has compiled a list of cities from worst to best when it comes to style in the Peach state.

  • They didn’t just go off what they saw driving through cities – the compiled the list based on a number of criteria, including:
  • No. of high-end shoes, jewelry and clothing stores (more is better)
  • No. of Walmart stores (more is worse)
  • No. of thrift stores
  • Included shopping within a city or within a short driving distance

Check out the slideshow to see how your city scores in their fashion grade. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below and see if your city makes the grade.

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