Columbus small business owners, artists set to come together

Columbus small business owners, artists set to come together

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Innovative technologies like 3D printing and robots are gaining attention across the country, and now one group right here in the valley hopes to breed the next generation of thinkers.

The organization is called "Columbus Makes It," which is a warehouse that will offer the community classes in art and technology, as well as a space for start up business owners to come together.

For people who live in the Valley, that means a new spot to take classes in things like woodwork or painting, but the potential of this creativity center could extend beyond a new place to have date night.

"We've signed a lease for five years, and we hope at the end of that five year lease that we will hopefully started and launched several new enterprises and companies out of this space," said Co-Founder Frank Braski.

Founders of Columbus Makes It tell us they hope to grow local business ideas, stimulate cultural projects, and feed into the local economy.

"One of our counterparts in Augusta, Georgia, The Clubhouse, has had a $7 million impact in their community," said Braski.

The warehouse has typical office space as well as hand-made 3D printers, a laser cutter, Lego lab and more... a little something for everyone, they explain.

"From individual contributors and mom and pops to people that have very ambitious you know, conquer the world kind of ideas," said Braski.

"Bring people that are artists, inventors, technologists, entrepreneurs, bring them all together and do something good for our community," said Co-Founder David Hehman.

The location still has some projects underway before they can open, and you can visit their kickstarter campaign to get involved.

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