SEGMENT: Health with Dr. Paula: All about sinuses

SEGMENT: Health with Dr. Paula: All about sinuses

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Has your cold or allergies turned into a sinus infection? It's called sinusitis.

After a cold or allergy episode, you are at greater risk of developing a sinus infection because these conditions cause inflammation and swelling of the sinuses. These symptoms affect millions of Americans each day.

Dr. Paula-Walker King from Columbus State University says a Sinus infection occurs when sinuses become inflamed and causes bacteria to dwell

Symptoms include: nasal congestion, pain around the eyes and nose, toothache, headache, yellow-colored mucus.

Prevention tips include: drink fluids to stay hydrated, get plenty of rest—this strengthens the immune system, and steam your sinus cavities with a hot rag to the face.

Sinus infections can last a few weeks if not treated, but proper treatment will shorten that time to around a week.

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