Christmas assistance deadline nears for Salvation Army

Christmas assistance deadline nears for Salvation Army

COLUMBUS, GA - While Christmas is still a little over 60 days away, families have about three days left to register for assistance with the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army in Columbus is already working hard to make sure hundreds of families in the Valley have a Christmas to remember.

"When they go back to school after the new year, one of those questions that's asked is 'What did you get for Christmas?' and you can't imagine the feeling a child would get if they had to say nothing or they got a toothbrush," said Captain Danielle Cunningham with the Salvation Army.

Members of the iconic organization say they give away clothes, toys, and food to up to 500 families in need and it's an undertaking that requires early planning.

They also are looking for volunteers to "Ring the Bell" and collect money during the time of year when people give the most.

"It helps us use that money into our social services and help people throughout the whole year not just Christmas time, with rent and utilities and food and clothing and those type of things," said Cunningham.

Volunteers will link families and donors together so children have age, gender, and interest specific toys. Food items that aren't given away for Christmas meals will go into the organizations food pantry to help families months after the holiday season ends.

"We tend to be able to stock up and use some of that throughout the year, but it does start to dwindle away so the more we can get the better," said Cunningham.

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