Pot holes causing a stir in one East Alabama community

Conditions of two county roads in East Alabama have some residents complaining.

 Residents who live on Lee County Roads 57 & 58 say these two roads are deteriorating causing some major headaches.

Angler Wilson who has lived in that area her whole life says she has been voicing her concerns for close to 8 years.

She says it’s an extreme number of pot holes that has damaged some resident’s cars and created other problems for those trying to avoid them.

Although it's evident the county has put forth an effort to rectify the problem by patching the pot holes many in the community aren't satisfied and want the roads repaved. "I have counted 45 patches that they have did to this road, with 45 patches you could have took that money paved the highway as well as 58," says Angler Wilson a resident of that community.

Another resident, Kirby Augustus said, "It's like driving up a wash board this doesn't make any sense why we didn't put forth a little more effort for longevity sake for all the people who would live down this road 15-50 years from now.”
The Lee County Engineer declined to be interviewed by Fox 54 but says the county is currently on a 57-year resurfacing cycle, which means they prioritize the roads that get resurfaced.
County Commissioner, Jon Harris has requested to have the issue placed on the next agenda, the last Monday of this month to discuss it further.

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