Website tells home buyers if new home was murder scene

Website tells home buyers if new home was murder scene

(WTVM) – Have you ever wanted to know if someone other than you and your family lives in your house? Fear not – there's a website for that.

A South Carolina man took his desire to help a tenant find out if her home was haunted and turn it into The website lists if the address you're interested in has been the scene of a murder, fire or even been a meth lab.

IT manager Roy Condrey said his quest to find "the Carfax for homes" led to the development of

Condrey said he owned a few rental properties in South Carolina, and after replacing the AC unit in one tenant's home, six months later the tenant asked "did you know your apartment was haunted?"

After a Google search, he found that others were looking to see if homes were haunted, but had no where to verify those inquiries.

Condrey began using the tips of realtors: chatting with neighbors, checking police reports and news stories surrounding the address in question. Through these initial searches, he found out that another property he owned did have a death inside of it.

"Our purpose is for renters and buyers, but I just want to get that information to you," Condrey said. "What you know about the home...It can affect the value, and we want to let you make the decision on the home."

So far, the database has more than 4.5 million listings in it for folks to search through, and have sold 30,000 reports without any marketing. For now, the listing report can tell you if someone died in the house - either natural causes or otherwise - if there was fire damage to the home or if there was a meth lab or any other chemical waste at the home.

For $11.99 per address inquiry, a potential homeowner can find out the facts of the address that the real estate agent might not tell them, affecting the cost and property value of the home. Each report runs through an algorithm that helps research the address. And he's looking into adding additional features to the website that would make it more comprehensive for the user.

For the most part, Condrey says people use it to see if their homes are haunted by those who've been left behind – or still reside there. Condrey said the groups of folks that uses the website for paranormal research and for home buyers are about split – but more realtors are using it more.

On the website, there is a list of stories where the data has come in handy - and shows how homes change in value based on its history.

Condrey also said that 20th Century FOX also used the website to promote their latest Poltergeist film, giving viewers free credits for reports on the address of their choosing.

Also, there's a security issue – the tourist aspect of a home that's been involved with high-profile murder cases.

"Put your money where your mouth is – why aren't this million-dollar homes selling? Because people feel uneasy about certain homes," Condrey said.

But let the buyer beware – each state has different laws on whether they can disclose what's happened in the house prior to you buying it. Condrey urges buyers to do their due diligence in researching their prospective homes.

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